Martin Luther King Soccer Tournament
MPSL Invitational
The Martin Luther King Soccer Tournament

Featuring 9 Top-Level/Premiere Teams

January 14-16, 2012

CSUMB Soccer Complex - Seaside - CA

$2,000 in Prizes!
Field 1 Field 2
Time Team vs Team Time Team vs Team
8:15am SC Sporting x SC Krew 8:15am MBSL Seleccion x Britannia Arms
10:00am Necaxa x Academicos 10:00am Ducks x DV8
11:45am Moroleon x Britannia Arms 11:45am SC Sporting x MBSL Seleccion
1:30pm SC Krew x Ducks 1:30pm DV8 x Necaxa
3:15pm Moroleon x Academicos 3:15pm CSAN BREAK - NO GAME
8:15am Ducks x Necaxa 8:15am Academicos x DV8
10:00am SC Sporting x Moroleon 10:00am SC Krew x Britannia Arms
11:45am CSAN BREAK - NO GAME 11:45am DV8 x MBSL Seleccion
1:30pm Academicos x Ducks 1:30pm Necaxa x SC Krew
3:15pm MBSL Seleccion x Moroleon 3:15pm Britannia Arms x SC Sporting
(Semi #1)
#1 Seed x #4 Seed 9:00am
(Semi #2)
#2 Seed x # 3 Seed
#5 Seed x #6 Seed  
W Semi #1 x W Semi #2
  Tournament Pictures :
There are 260 pictures of the whole tournament. You can access them all by going to the pictures page or by clicking HERE.
  Participating Teams:
Monterey Ducks Monterey Ducks
Britannia Arms FC Britannia Arms FC
SC Sporting SC Sporting
(Santa Clara)
(Redwood City)
Santa Cruz Krew
(Santa Cruz)
(South County)
(Los Banos)
MBSL Selection MBSL Seleccion
  Tournament Details:
- Tournament runs from 8am to 5pm Saturday, 9am to 4pm on Sunday and 9:30am to 3pm on Monday at the CSU Monterey Bay soccer complex.

- This is a USSF affiliated tournament so the standard USASA liability insurance ($2 million) and personal accident insurance ($5,000) policies will cover every player.

- Unaffiliated teams have additional registration requirements (see Player Registration Requirements for Unaffiliated Teams section below).

- Unlimited substitutions are allowed.

- 40 minute halves.

- Maximum number of players per team that may participate: 20.

- All teams are schedule for at least 3 (three) games.

- 3 referees for each game.

- $1,500 first place prize money and $500 second place prize money.

- All players on affiliated teams MUST have a 2011/2012 player pass issued by California Soccer Association North in San Francisco.
  Team Roster Requirements:
- Before each game the team manager must provide a game roster to the referee team.

- You can download a blank game roster HERE.

- You may fill out the roster on your computer and print 5 (five) copies to bring with you.
  Player Registration Requirements for Unaffiliated Teams:
- Each player will have to fill out a USASA Tournament player registration form. Click HERE to download..

- Have each of your players individually fill out and sign this two-page player registration form. Make sure all information is legible and filled out. There are player signature requirements at the bottom of each page.

- Hint: you can save yourself a lot of time by using your computer to fill out the information about the team name and team manager that is halfway down the first page. You can type in the blue highlighted using your computer and then print 20 copies to hand out to your players.

- Please make sure the players fill out all the blue highlighted areas in the top half of the first page and the bottom of the second page.

- Please make sure each player signs on the player signature line at the bottom of each page.

- Don't wait until Saturday morning to take care of this - you will not have time to have each of your players come to me and fill out these forms.

- At check in, each player must present an already completed form, along with a photo identification card such as a driver's license, passport or school ID. There must be a photo on the ID. Contact us if you have any questions about what IDs are acceptable.

- Before each game each player must present their photo ID to the referee team. The referee team will hold the photo ID for the duration of the match.
  Player Requirements for Affiliated Teams:
- At check in, each player must present his CSAN issued player pass at the check-in table.

- Before each game, each player must present their player pass to the referee team. The referee team will hold the pass for the duration of the match.
  Tournament Sponsors:
Salinas Futbol Central
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